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Introducing Counter - 5 Job Offers, in 5 Days!

Faster Interviews. Stronger Offers. Job offers in 3-5 days. To learn more visit www.counter.me

Introducing Counter - 5 Job Offers, in 5 Days!

Introducing Counter -  Supercharge your Job Search

Every year, companies spend billions of dollars and candidates plunge billions of hours into a recruiting process that consistently produces frustrating and poor outcomes for both - this process is inefficient and time consuming especially for candidates. Candidates are literally expected to apply for jobs through their career portals or send cold emails, when or if they finally get an interview scheduled months later - the best outcome is to repeat the same basic process at each company dozens or hundreds of times. This insanity isn't surprising considering that practically nothing about the job application process has changed over a decade.

Counter was built after recognizing this problem and seeing how flawed and outdated the job search process still is today. Counter allows candidates to leverage the job offer letter they already have, and schedule 5 additional interviews with 5 companies in the next five days. After those five interviews [assuming they clear each of those interviews], they can decide which offer letter they would like to accept or walk away from our platform.

Markets only function efficiently in the face of information and transparency.

The inefficiency inherent in recruiting today comes from a lack of a trusted source of information about what companies have given someone an offer, what the amounts of that and other offers are and what interviews they've already completed successfully -- this leads to every single process with a company involving recreating the metaphorical wheel from scratch!

Over the past months during our beta testing, Counter has been proud to have acted as this source of knowledge and saved thousands of hours of wasted time through hybrid interviews and hundreds of thousands of dollars in increased salaries. Counter uses AI to authenticate in seconds a candidate's offer letter and then this information is displayed in the candidate's profile for their universe of companies to base offers and create hybrid processes. The company's deep learning also helps match candidates with relevant companies instantly to fulfill its goal of each candidate getting 5 offers in 5 days.

Ultimately, Counter allows companies to find the best candidates who already have offer letters from other elite companies more quickly - reach decision certainty faster avoiding wasted internal engineering time spent on unsuccessful interviews or needless back and forth negotiating offers. At the same time it helps candidates save hundreds of hours of wasted interviewing time while bringing them other offers from companies trying to beat their existing offer!

Counter was created by two serial entrepreneurs who while collectively hiring hundreds of candidates and raising hundreds of millions of dollars from top venture capital firms, have long been appalled at how counterintuitive and antiquated the hiring of elite technical talent to elite technology companies is still is today.

While initially, we are focused on software engineers, and other tech roles in the near term - Our vision is to make Counter a source of much needed transparency for every industry and job type. Life is short, and professional life is even shorter. Choice is good.

For more information visit www.counter.me